We Make Your Business Our Business

We are as passionate about your business as you are and we tailor all our services to best meet your needs.

Businesses often face problems that require some external, objective support and resources that are not available internally. While most business consultancies use sound methodologies, they have such a large range of consultants that they are not always able to offer the "one-stop shop", which often means your needs are not being met.

Our ability to draw on such a small, broad base of proficiencies ensures our clients receive the best possible service, tailored specifically to their needs. This approach minimises our overhead structure which ensures that more of your money is being spent on the attainment of your competitive advantage.

JEDs also has access an extensive network of highly experienced individuals which we can draw on to best service your organisation.


More Than Just A Bookkeeper

We don't just provide you with bookkeeping services. We are your virtual 'Accounts Department'.

Depending on your needs we can complete your invoicing and follow up debtors, manage your supplier accounts and payments, manage your 'accounts@' email and accounts department phone calls and everything you will need to happen while you get on with running your business.

A key service we provide is Management Reporting. Based on your financial data we prepare detailed Management Reports which gives you a holistic understanding of the health of your business and a clear line of sight as to what is working and what is not.

Julie Doyle - JED's Business Manager

Julie Doyle - JED's Business Manager